Thursday, May 19, 2011

Building Green: The WINDOW

Will the materials we use in construction be energy efficient, sustainable, and recyclable?

Dave LoCascio, AIA Associate and sales rep of A. W. Hastings/Marvin Windows and Doors, led our 5/18/11 Lunch and Learn” which focused on the window as a contributing factor to a better environment. How is window selection related to the ‘Green Movement”? In general, the ‘greener’ window has a 2 to 5% greater initial investment cost, but is it really more expensive? Is it really eco friendly or will it require greater maintenance and treatments which are not eco friendly? Dave compared the characteristics of wood, aluminum, vinyl and fiberglass windows as related to efficiency.

This discussion led into a look at LEED certification. Everyone seems to want that now, as being energy efficient can reduce heating/cooling costs and currently has a tax write off advantage. Will this push to be LEED certified soon become obsolete, as building code requirements will be meeting those same standards? We, at Architects’ Guild, have always implemented in our design approach elements that are energy efficient.