Friday, May 24, 2013

Fire Rated Doors


There are options when a rated door jamb is needed and the beauty of real wood is desired.

Alex Barmashi (Preferred Marketing Associates)  and Maria DeFiore (Rings End) presented information and materials on the fire rated door and more.

Condominium fire rated door jambs, high end commercial rated door frames and fire-rated garage door entry frames in single family homes are examples of great applications. 

One option for a fire rated frame is made by Ferche Millwork, who offers 45, 60 and 90 minute frames that are WHI certified. These frames are:

  • available in almost any species            
  • simple to install
  • custom sized
  • positive or neutral pressure rating
  • available in 3 weeks

Friday, May 17, 2013

Regional Sales Manager, Gary Michael and
Brookfield Sales Manager, Lou Glacy


....the rolling service door
used  for a spectrum of commercial/industrial applications are easy to install, durable, economical and available with a wide choice of slat profiles, materials and colors
... the rolling counter door
used in stadium concession areas, parts storage areas, mall food courts, pharmacies and retail settings are available in  a wide choice of materials and colors

A third door option presented when security is a priority, but visual access to interior space is desired, is the side-folding open-air security grille.  These are available in an array of profiles and can be further customized:

  • finish color (21 standard colors, 172 premiumcolors or color-matched)
  • installed on a customized track radii and/or curve
  • can include an emergency egress door.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Regional Sales Manager, Gary Michael and
Brookfield Sales Manager, Lou Glacy

presented a segment on Commercial Sectional Doors 
and Residential Doors
followed by a segment on the Rolling Service Door


Commercial sectional doors can be:
  1. non-insulated steel (inexpensive, low R value)
  2. high efficiency thermal (high R value, high STC rating, internal horizontal hinge and  glazed options) or
  3. aluminum (panels can be solid or glazed, low R value)
What do you think the best option is?

These door can be operated, electrically or with a chain hoist, on a single or double lift track system,. A double track is used when clearance height would not accommodate full height of garage door in open position or to allow for screening on a second track. Might also be a nice feature for a lake home!
Commercial doors now offer break away panels on lower section of doors which minimizes repair costs and facility down time in high-traffic areas. This option an be used in any of their sectional doors. 

UL325 entrapment protection is a safety device which does not allow door to close when something is in door opening. This is now mandatory for both residential and commercial door openers.

Stay tune for Second Feature -  Part 2 
on the Rolling Door System...