Thursday, November 18, 2010

Deck Railing

Industry experts agree that what percentage of railing systems designed nationwide will not meet code? (see answer below)

GAF presented a Lunch and Learn on deck railing installations. Territory Manager Bill Phillips, stressed that failures occur because installers did not STOP and read manufacturers' specifications and instructions.

Builders/ installers can avoid failures by knowing their local building codes for railing and by following manufacturers' installation instructions for:

  • Proper Post and Rail attachment
  • Proper '"Sweep" and Baluster attachment
  • Use of fasteners like stainless steel that won't rust
  • Maintain railing- check and clean annually

GAFs universal railing had several unique attributes.

  • It offers three kinds of top and bottom rail brackets: a level bracket, a hinged stair bracket and a swivel bracket which ranges from 2.5 - 46 degrees
  • It offers lighting installed within the railing system: recessed LED lighting
  • It offers balusters in a variety of colors and styles
  • It offers the uniball installation joint which works with traditional and metal balusters acting as a ball joint for any angle installation
  • It offers an easy pre-drilled system spacing of the balusters

Answer to question above: 90% of railings designed nation wide do not meet code.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

BHS Track and Field Project

Last year, the Bethel High School boy's track coach, Yvonne Grimes, saw a vision for improving the track and providing a track and field storage pavilion. She looked to Architects' Guild for ideas; she and her husband Kevin then donated the funds to the Town of Bethel, earmarked for this project.

Last week the new eight (8) lane track was used for the first time. The field house is under construction and should be completed sometime this month.