Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Imagine this: a penny placed on top of cellulose is then placed on your hand;  a torch is held on the penny, it melts 
and you don't get burned.

National Fiber rep, Jim Foley, shared lunch and information on the different types of insulation available. Most common choices for insulation are cellulose, fiberglass and foam.

Cellulose insulation offers:
  • High R value which increases energy savings up to 40%
  • High recycled content with non-toxic borate acid which acts as a fire retardant (Class A fire rating) and deters pests and rodents
  • Pneumatically installed cellulose fills cavities with high density and offers better noise reduction than glass fiber or foams. 
  • Prevents rot, mold and animals since moisture disperses readily through cellulose  
  • An installation which requires no vapor barrier, no glue or physical support
  • The only insulation product made in the Northeast