Thursday, October 9, 2014

To Move or Not to Move

Staying in the home you've had for over 50 years requires some changes - both functional and aesthetic. The changes for this home did both. 

The floor plan opened up the kitchen. Walls were removed and the back closets and the 'maids room' were eliminated. The windows in the back area of the kitchen now open up to a view of the neighborhood lake - a view never seen from inside the house.

The new kitchen now offers more counter and cabinet space, drawers for easy access to pans, and improved day lighting. 

The laundry room was moved from the basement to first floor, and is now hidden away by rolling blinds.


The new design enabled the owners to stay in the home they loved.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Window Installation

An overview of window installation methods was presented by Weathershield rep, Greg Chase.
Not only did he share various methods, but he enlightened us on a course being offered, which trains installers to install any type of window correctly.  Installation Masters is a nationwide training and certifications program for window and glass door installations in residential and light commercial projects. The training is for both new construction or the replacement of windows and exterior glass doors,. The two day course offers an intensive training to contractors / installers. Installers who have taken the course and pass the exam become part of a select group with expertise with best installation practices.

Installation Masters is designed to help installers:
  • Work more efficiently, optimizing both time and energy
  • Avoid costly callbacks 
  • Improve energy efficiency 
  • Have less long-term liability due to water intrusion
  • Improve client satisfaction

Monday, July 15, 2013

SPEC HOUSE from Existing House

This classic home in a great Westchester location is being renovated and is being sold - as a 'spec house' redefined.

Our design for our client was farmhouse inspired with an open front porch utilizing the existing partial stone facade and a standing seam roof. It's interior has increased with a new addition and basement space which is now 'liveable'.

This renovated home offers natural light and quality materials, an open and spacious Kitchen/Family Room, Formal Dining Room, 6 bedrooms including a Master Bedroom Suite, and a walkout basement with a private entrance, bedroom, bath and media room

            (click on plan to enlarge)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Beyond the Gym with Sport Flooring

itstru Technology
Imagine being able to use recycled rubber flooring on everyday surfaces.

Even before being 'green' was the trend, Ecore International, as North America's largest consumer of recycled rubber, was ecologically committed. Recycled rubber for sport flooring is:

  • low cost
  • durable
  • consistent color
  • easy to install
itstru TechnologyBeyond its use for athletic flooring, Ecore developed the itstru technology - a revolutionary fusion bond where the underlayment adheres to a wear layer.

"Although we take pride in being the originator of the commercial rubber flooring category, we never take it for granted or feel satisfied. ECORE engineers are tirelessly curious and refreshingly imaginative."

Bob Racoppi, regional sales manager with Ecore International, who demonstrated the QT sound control.  He turned on a music box which we listened to when it was placed on the table and then when he placed it on the underlayment. An amazing change,  we could barely hear anything!  Great option to consider for multi-purpose projects in housing, education, community centers, etc.
Thanks also to Travis Whipple with Spartan Surfaces, a team of flooring consultants who offer many flooring options, including this one. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


In the last decade, the eastern shore of Spain, has been known as the birthplace of 'paella'.
Forty years ago,  it was also the birthplace of Porcelanosa. 

Porcelanosa is a global leader in the innovation, design, manufacture and distribution of trend setting, cutting-edge products. Their products, 
backed by dependable service, offer high quality and advanced technology.  
Peter Lollias, a Porcelanosa rep presented their wide range of products, which can be seen on their website and can be viewed at their Greenwich showroom (best to schedule an appointment). 
  • tile
  • kitchen
  • bath

One of our favorite products is their shower column. (shown below are a few options of the shower column they offer)

Due        Marine  Imag

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Long Span Decking

Large public open spaces become more visually unique when long span roof and floor decking systems are used. 

Airports, gyms, natatoriums, stadiums, libraries and worship centers are some of the places that benefit with this type of decking.  Andrew Graf, Marketing Specialist for Epic Metals presented various products which allow you a fresh, clean look. Using their wedge bolt and lock it is possible to hang lighting, pipes and more without penetrating the deck

Another clean look is achieved by carrying the decking through the building to the outside (as seen in picture above). Where exterior meets interior, air dams are provided to protect from weather infiltration.


Friday, May 24, 2013

Fire Rated Doors


There are options when a rated door jamb is needed and the beauty of real wood is desired.

Alex Barmashi (Preferred Marketing Associates)  and Maria DeFiore (Rings End) presented information and materials on the fire rated door and more.

Condominium fire rated door jambs, high end commercial rated door frames and fire-rated garage door entry frames in single family homes are examples of great applications. 

One option for a fire rated frame is made by Ferche Millwork, who offers 45, 60 and 90 minute frames that are WHI certified. These frames are:

  • available in almost any species            
  • simple to install
  • custom sized
  • positive or neutral pressure rating
  • available in 3 weeks