Thursday, August 30, 2012

Accessible Bathing Systems

Best Bath Systems Logo developed a floor system which addresses the critical concerns of safety and sanitation.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,  every year about 235,000 people over the age of 15 visit emergency rooms because of injuries suffered in the bathroom. More than one third of the injuries happen while bathing or showering.  Individuals 65 and older account for 79% of bathroom injuries.
Best Bath Regional Manager, Cal Osborn discussed codes and guidelines pertaining to bath units, surface finishes, accessories and methods of installation.

Inspired by the European concept of the barrier free wetroom, Best Bath developed the Unifloor, a one piece pre-leveled flooring solution with waterproof joints.


The Unifloor system: 
  • has no seams  (which means no grout)
  • has a sloped floor for consistent drainage
  • requires less space (toilet and shower share the required turning radius)
  • is easily maintained, easily cleaned (groutless environment eliminates bacterial growth)
  • is constructed to last 30 years
  • reduces installation and construction time
Its' gelcoat surface treatment provides a tough and durable finish which can be enhanced with custom color tiles to achieve a look suitable for many barrier free bath needs - commercial, institutional and/or residential.

Best Bath offers a full line of showers which will transform a standard bathing area into an accessible, attractive and safe wet area!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cultured Stone

Stone has been used in building since prehistoric times. It is a material that adds character to space, but is also heavy, can be expensive, difficult to install and limited in appearance. Welcome 'Cultured Stone' . This is a product which is engineered to look like stone with added benefits.

Shannon Grizaniuk (Boral Stone Products) and Sean Delaney (New Milford Block & Supply)  presented on the ease and options of using a manufactured stone veneer (MSV). Cultured stone veneer is available as a customized individual product or as part of a modular system. Both offer an attractive, economical  way to add stone to new or renovated construction projects. The benefits of Boral Cultured Stone products to actual stone are:
  • faster installation - product is a lighter weight than actual stone and backs are flat as they are cast-fit (produced in molds)
  • lower cost
  • design options- a wider range of patterns, a wider range of colors as the process creates and hand paints to achieve looks wanted
  • color consistency -is improved as natural stone can be less constant depending on where pieces are quarried
  • warranty and code adherence - evaluation report is available for every product
Can't get much greener than natural stone, but Boral Cultured Stone is committed to thinking and building green - materials and water used are recycled

 *Point of Interest-
 Boral, an Austalian company, purchased US firm Owens Corning's Cultured Stone division in December 2010. In the transition, they are jointly operating the business until 2014.