Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Beyond the Gym with Sport Flooring

itstru Technology
Imagine being able to use recycled rubber flooring on everyday surfaces.

Even before being 'green' was the trend, Ecore International, as North America's largest consumer of recycled rubber, was ecologically committed. Recycled rubber for sport flooring is:

  • low cost
  • durable
  • consistent color
  • easy to install
itstru TechnologyBeyond its use for athletic flooring, Ecore developed the itstru technology - a revolutionary fusion bond where the underlayment adheres to a wear layer.

"Although we take pride in being the originator of the commercial rubber flooring category, we never take it for granted or feel satisfied. ECORE engineers are tirelessly curious and refreshingly imaginative."

Bob Racoppi, regional sales manager with Ecore International, who demonstrated the QT sound control.  He turned on a music box which we listened to when it was placed on the table and then when he placed it on the underlayment. An amazing change,  we could barely hear anything!  Great option to consider for multi-purpose projects in housing, education, community centers, etc.
Thanks also to Travis Whipple with Spartan Surfaces, a team of flooring consultants who offer many flooring options, including this one. 

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