Thursday, April 3, 2014

Window Installation

An overview of window installation methods was presented by Weathershield rep, Greg Chase.
Not only did he share various methods, but he enlightened us on a course being offered, which trains installers to install any type of window correctly.  Installation Masters is a nationwide training and certifications program for window and glass door installations in residential and light commercial projects. The training is for both new construction or the replacement of windows and exterior glass doors,. The two day course offers an intensive training to contractors / installers. Installers who have taken the course and pass the exam become part of a select group with expertise with best installation practices.

Installation Masters is designed to help installers:
  • Work more efficiently, optimizing both time and energy
  • Avoid costly callbacks 
  • Improve energy efficiency 
  • Have less long-term liability due to water intrusion
  • Improve client satisfaction

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