Friday, May 24, 2013

Fire Rated Doors


There are options when a rated door jamb is needed and the beauty of real wood is desired.

Alex Barmashi (Preferred Marketing Associates)  and Maria DeFiore (Rings End) presented information and materials on the fire rated door and more.

Condominium fire rated door jambs, high end commercial rated door frames and fire-rated garage door entry frames in single family homes are examples of great applications. 

One option for a fire rated frame is made by Ferche Millwork, who offers 45, 60 and 90 minute frames that are WHI certified. These frames are:

  • available in almost any species            
  • simple to install
  • custom sized
  • positive or neutral pressure rating
  • available in 3 weeks


  1. Fire rated doors are indeed so advantageous in every home or establishment. These doors are uniquely made with materials that resist fire. This type of door reduces the spread of fire or smoke during fire emergencies. This is used as part of passive protection system in every home or structure that enables safe egress from the building.

  2. These doors are considered the most significant fire safety products installed on your premises. It will act as barrier for fire or smoke so that these elements are kept from spreading across the building. Doors that withstand burning will keep the fire contained to a certain compartment or room, allowing people a longer time to make their escape. This situation will also allow the fire service a better opportunity to rescue everyone who are trapped and also to control the fire. Fire rated doors will also put a stop to wasting a big part of your building and property by being engulfed in fire quickly. These door sets are designed to be used alongside fire extinguishers and sprinklers. It is also necessary that a fire alarm system be installed so that the door will automatically close once the alarm has set off. The lack of alarm system will also matter because the door won't respond by shutting itself immediately since nothing will prompt it to do so.

    Fire Rated Door Installation Service