Friday, May 17, 2013

Regional Sales Manager, Gary Michael and
Brookfield Sales Manager, Lou Glacy


....the rolling service door
used  for a spectrum of commercial/industrial applications are easy to install, durable, economical and available with a wide choice of slat profiles, materials and colors
... the rolling counter door
used in stadium concession areas, parts storage areas, mall food courts, pharmacies and retail settings are available in  a wide choice of materials and colors

A third door option presented when security is a priority, but visual access to interior space is desired, is the side-folding open-air security grille.  These are available in an array of profiles and can be further customized:

  • finish color (21 standard colors, 172 premiumcolors or color-matched)
  • installed on a customized track radii and/or curve
  • can include an emergency egress door.

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